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Stilbaai's super visual toilet (see photo), and some really, really good news!

View from my car on the main road!


Shall we laugh? Shall we cry?

I don't know. I laughed at first but then my logic started ticking. I have family pushing up daisies right there. I BET YOU - whoever planned this, does not have family lying close by. At least... at the very least... could you not have placed it on the side? This picture was taken from my car on the main road. This is how bad the visual really is!

The excuse?

It is for the homeless (who mucked around my brother's grave). Well, maybe they were clever. Who sleeps in a graveyard at night watering daisies?


SandBoxBible (SBB) going into languages

They have no Jesus film. This is where SBB comes in.

The following link will show you how many billions still need to hear the gospel. Yes, you see correctly: 2,007,814,410 still need to be reached! The GOOD NEWS is that the Jesus film is available to many online in various languages.

What does this have to do with you and me?

I finally figured out a way to put the hundreds of already audio recorded Old and New testament recordings available online into the SBB (SandBoxBible) Youtube videos. No wonder Holy Spirit kept telling me VERSE BY VERSE! No short cut.


Through the use of ANYDESK app (free for windows and $9pm for Mac) the translator can see my desktop with the video in the stop-motion program, and the already downloaded Bible audio files. They simply SWITCH the stop-motion photos that I took in the sand, and place it in the correct order according to their language in the program and click export.

At basically zero cost, just an hour per week, we can start to see Chinese, French, Hindi, Bengali and hundreds of other languages appear online for unreached people groups to watch!


You are a Hindu in India serving millions of Gods in fear.

You have never heard of The ONE God who created earth, and you.

A missionary tells you of Genesis 1-3 in your language.

You click the SBB video... and see the ONE God create the earth.

It is the first time you hear about ONE God!

And he talks personally to human beings HE just created.

You feel drawn to this God... and start to watch the Bible without knowing it.


If you know of someone speaking another language and they have 1 hour a week to shift photos in order - will you email this newsletter to them?

We need The Dragon Frame program also on my PC (not mac) for the free anydesk access - It is $200. Will you sponsor $200 for this translator access purpose? (I need to work on my Dragon Frame on my mac shooting the film - this is why I need to buy a second program for the translators. Also we skip paying $9 per month per translator on a mac. We save thousands of $$$.) WILL YOU GIVE?

I have meetings in February with Chinese, Arabs, French and hopefully Brazil too. It is happening.


IN DA MEAN TIME... Two wonderful weekly SBB Study Groups started! God was sneaky:

As the Proverb puts it, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). I planned one Wednesday all Ladies group and "made it clear" that the ages was to be 35-55. Long story short: The 2nd week there were TWO GROUPS and FRIDAY became a TEENAGER group.

HOW? Just as God can!

I can DEFINITELY tell you... I did not plan this. During the first Friday night group we started with Luke 1:5-25 telling the story of how the Angel visited Zachariah in the temple. During the application time, I placed my little figure representing myself next to the Bread in the Temple. I actually wondered why did that?

Then we started to go around sharing why we placed ourselves in the various places in the story of Luke. There were some tears and deep sharing and then it was my turn. I still had no idea what I was going to say. I did not feel like I heared God telling me anything. Then I suddenly heard Him say:

"Thank you for being willing to break the bread to these people on a Friday night, going the extra mile of including another night of Bible study, INCLUDING teenagers."

Then in my spirit I just knew that Friday nights were about to change and that the over spill of the other older woman simply had to join the other group on Wednesday.

Low and behold - 9 Teens rocked up the 2nd Friday - all without me knowing it was going to happen. At 5:30pm the first knock came and then as I looked outside my little place the street were filled with parents and kids coming in. My small little placed were packed and 18 people found a spot.

All the teens were like: We are bringing more friends next week!

I GO LIKE: I NEED A HOUSE! ... (And please add a garden for my 3 doggies)


BAAS & MOSSIE... 2023 will be the year of puppies!

Remember Lilly died and I was waiting for Mossie (Sparrow) in 2022... God said that no Mossie will fall to the ground without Him having knowledge of it... and I knew I would name my next doggy MOSSIE.

At least I had the name but in a long twist of events - (the Johannesburg trip had something to do with it) - MOSSIE CAME. It was very, very unexpected. About as unexpected as BAAS was when I decided to buy a male doggy. Knowing her name would be MOSSIE... I remembered our GR1 book in 1983: Baas en Mossie. I found two old photos of the book online. The parrot was Baas en the little girl Mossie.

MOSSIE came and the next day I was in bed with covid. Our first two weeks over Christmas was pretty much alone and in bed! This was my screen shot to my family saying "Stupid fever 38.2 but I am surrounded with puppy love x3"

It took a solid 10 days to feel better and I could not smell or taste anything for quite a while.

That was the most bizarre experience.

I was so happy when I could finally smell my dog's poo !!!!!! Why? Apart from being able to smell... how do you know a dog is sick?

Most of the time - the extraordinary smell, which happened not long after I started smelling again. Mossie got a buck via the Dove-dropping on my stoop!

She is ok now and most fluffy bunny-like dog ever. Basie immediately took to his new girl and grooms her everyday. What a joy to have them in my house.

Thanks for reading my update!

Thanks for your continuous monthly sponsorship.


Please consider donating the $200 here for the Translations!

To: Susan. A. BREEDT SAVINGS: 907 558 0094 SWIFT CODE: ABSAzajj Fynbos Straat Stilbaai 6674 South Africa +27 28 754 1221


Barclays Savings

907 32 710

Sort code: 20-80-33

Southport Barclays Lordstreet U.K.


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