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The 1 minute that brought about 3D Jesus Toys in India

URstory expansion beyond believe

  • The 1 minute meeting

  • Going 3D

  • Hindi coloring book going 3D too with Stop motion videos

  • The 280 000 Rand and the Half Million Dollars...

  • The 12 orphan girls we met

  • Frontier missions meeting was great

  • Flying out to Philippines in August/September

  • Playing for North Cape Badminton in August

  • My Birthday

Finally, after two years, I can confidently say - IT IS HAPPENING. Never in my wildest imagination would I have guessed how God would lead this 3D & SandBoxBible project.

AND IT ALL STARTED RIGHT HERE (Photo of landing strip 27) when we biked to the airfield in Stilbaai one morning in 2022. We took this photo on Monday, 1 July on my b'day as a memory and celebration as to what happened since. That time God spoke to me and said that Rianni would fly with me. Never did we know that the following would unfold.


On our first trip, we went to the EMDC and as we said bye to everyone, a man came towards us and said, if you ever need help, contact me. He was from India and India was NOT our radar. Not by far. I've been to India 5 times and I became very ill every time. I would only go to India if God spoke REALLY clearly.

We strangely kept in contact with this man. When he heard that we were going to go to the EMDC in Thailand again, but also to India, he was the one who said: "Connect with Sandhya, she is in the Orality Movement"

We traveled extensively all over the South training YWAM bases and churches. This included 5 times overnight in trains with luggage full of boxes. We decided that we have to gym for our trips! LOL. Pictures at the very end.

Oh my!

We met a GIANT in the Kingdom and Dr. Sandhya has become a wonderful friend to Rianni and I.

She is head of NBSI International Storytelling Network of India. They teach churches how to learn the Word by heart and retell it in communities where there are no Bibles. When she saw the power of the RiceBoxBible, she held it and through tears said: "Sarah, this is soooo powerful"

During that time, we wanted to fund-raise for a machine so that Sandhya and her team could cut boxes for India, Nepal, and neighboring unreached countries. We are desperate to get 300 boxes to the underground network in Nepal. 


One day, Sandhya's co-worker, Janitha, came to me with a "surprise" What did she give me? A wooden figure she managed to cut with a machine she has.

This was an in credible moment because Sandhya and Janitha took over the responsibility of cutting boxes for the church planting movement in India! WOW. This is a HUGE HUGE HUGE burden off my back.

Busy as she alread is, Dr. Sandhya will also be overseeing he translation of the Hindi Colouring book into more languages.

In the mean time, I am so grateful for the volunteers in Cape Town helping us to fly boxes into Nepal. Often here in Stilbaai we have people walking into the URSTORY office next to Bali, telling us they can connect us with teams going to Nepal. This week it happened again! More boxes are being flown in this week! Praise God!

PS - I want to buy this building from my father and turn it into a missions hub where we train and produce to create resources for unreached people groups. We need only a half million US dollars for this... I think God can do that!



We met another true GIANT, SAGAR at the EMDC. This resulted in and indigenous person taking on the huge responsibility to see the Hindi coloring book that I created with my students back in 2012 for our Varanasi outreach, being turned into 3D figures and other languages.

Please pray that he will be able to raise all the funds needed to see the 3D figures created by a 3D artist. This is not for free... pray for this please.

Soon churches can have this discipleship tool in 2D wood, and 3D figures, and even the DEAF COMMUNITY will be able to see the Bible come alive physically and on YouTube through stop-motion videos.

"Did you know that 1/10 missionaries work among the 3billion unreached"



As you know I help WYCLIFFE Bible translators with stop motion videos for the Muslim Makhuwa group in North Mozambique. When fieldworkers saw these films at the EMDC they wanted to know if they could have video's for their groups.



well... I cannot do it all.

And I have a huge problem myself.


My living room is also my dining room and my dining room table is also my couseling table, and my counseling table is also my Stop-Motion Filming space...

I cannot continue like this in my small flat. I need to raise funds to build an extended room outside that will suit as a training, counseling and filming room. This will rougly be R280 000. This is unless God releases the half million dollars to buy the building as a new missions hub.

Do you think God can use YOU to release the R280 000 to build this room? Let me know.


The 12 / 200 orphans ... here is the sad yet wonderful story

It is one thing to minister in churches.

It is great to train YWAM missionaries and Bible schools.

It is an altogether other story to take Jesus to the LEAST of the least, last and lost - they have never heard the GOOD NEWS

Thanks to Dr. Sandhya, our NBSI INDIA partner, a door opened for us to take a story to a very rich and famous Hindi school that also houses orphans in danger.

There are over 200 of these girls. We met 12 of them because no one was willing to take any of these 12 away during the holiday season. Can you IMAGINE their rejection. Look at their beautiful faces. NO ONE WANTS THEM.

BUT JESUS! HE is altogether different, isn't HE!

We were warned to be very cautions with how we would tell a Bible story to these girls. We decided on telling the story of Jairus little girl that was dead. We know that Jesus came and rose her from the dead, and gave her food to eat.

Once I was done, I gave each of these girls a little figure to place into the rice, representing where they thought they were in the box.

I asked them if they felt like the girl that was dead?

TEARS streamed down their faces as they opened up and started asking us the difficult question: WHY did their parents through them away?

Does God really care?

When we took them one by one, looking them in their eyes telling them how much Jesus Who created them, loved them.

I was shaken for a few days afterwards. Not only because of these girls, but when they gave us a tour of the building we saw several woman with massive scars... Their abusers threw boiling water and oil on them but they survived. It is at this institute they found a place of refuge.


After India I had to unpack and repack again for a week of Southern Africa Frontier Missions meetings.

FUN FACTS about this group of FM leaders Most of the Frontier Missions group is Afrikaans, which is so interesting to me. Nearly all of us received our call to Full Time Missions at the age of 19! And most of us live in the Western Cape.

Photos: Here I am with Fred and Paula - He is our new International Frontier Missions Leader, he is Afrikaans, the first African (and I think non-US) to lead this role. I am so proud of this Boertjie! and he lives aroud the corner from Stilbaai.

Group Pic and below with Flip, our South African co-ordinator... also a Boertjie... but I will pray that they move from Witbank to Western Cape!

Also - another Boertjie - Salomon now in STILBAAI! wow. Married to a lovely UK lady, Kay. We started the 3PM Friday Prayer group for FM here at the URstory Office.

In Acts 3:1 we read:

One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer—at three in the afternoon.

The church in Acts had a set prayer time. The Muslims adhere to this. My hope is that here in Stilbaai, Christian Businesses will close between 3-4 and pray with us!

We are right next to BALI down the steps.



Rianni and I will be playing in the 35+ Badminton in Cape Town championship , but not for Stilbaai. We will be helping out the NORTHERN CAPE TEAM competing against our own rival/friends of the Western Cape.

Photos below: When we found out that our amazing Indian contact Sandhya's husband played badminton, we threw in our rackets for the trip to India. Well... Asia is known for their amazing badminton and we experienced that in Hyderabad... and Chennai. They humored us and we played a few games with pro's in the sweltering heat. As you can see... It was truly a man's world out there... but who is scared? NOT Rianni and I LOL LOL LOL


FLYING OUT TO THE PHILIPPINES for Frontier Missions Meetings & our YWAM Global Gathering

30 Aug - 8 Sept

We are quite a few flying from South African.

Help URstory to go to this meeting as it is all about the ORALITY MOVEMENT that we serve.

The cheapest tickets we could find is R17,100

At least there will be no visa problems.

Accommodation for 8 nights need to be covered too.


We have a URstory account into which you can sow.

Capitec 2242530484 savings

Leave a not as to what the giving is for

A - Manila meetings

B - Wood for boxes

C - Living expense as we are full time volunteers.

Or to SarahAnnaLise - ABSA savings 907 558 0094



Do you want to give towards the R280 000 office we need to build

You can whatsapp me +27607170429

We have a NON PROFIT ACCOUNT. Let me know.


We trained so many

YWAM Bases, Sri Lanka pastors, Indian Pastors, Sunday schools, Orphan house, Myanmar teachers, School of Biblical studies, children. It was awesome.

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