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The scary Ch#na dream, The Dichotomy of YES & NO

I hope you can hold your horses for both the former and the latter part of this letter.

I am still reflecting.

Photo: Rianni, and Keegan (on who's passport it rained... God's humor to get him to SA to help me) arrived and it is nice hosting him in my house for a while. THANKS to the sponsor who gave towards the 3D printer - Keegan installed it!! God is on a roll people...

An honest news letter...

You see, I had a very scary dream three nights ago. I dreamed I was in Ch#na and a helicopter with Ch#nese spies landed nearly on top of me. They flew me and three others away to a building where there were two bathrooms. Out came a man, beaten to a pulp and then his shirtless interrogator. Then a new interrogator came... and peppered me with questions. Because of the Chinese testimony of brother Yun in the book "THE HEAVENLY MAN" I knew how to dodge his questions and then I woke up. It felt like I was literally THERE and that I would be able to recognise each face I saw.

I remembered the invitation to China-Tibet that Rianni and I are both praying about. We are sincerely struggling to get a yes or no. I don't want the R60 000 (2,500 pounds) to stop me from praying if I should go or not. God told me in 2003 NEVER to let finance determine what I end up doing or not doing.

Did I have the dream because I am going or was it a warning dream? The deposit of R30 000 is also due end of this month.... and I have zero towards it. When I ask you to pray with and for me - I really mean it. I have a lot going on...

All my love,

Sarah Anna-Lise on this spectacular dichotomous journey of faith.


Photo below: Rianni and I telling the story of the Prodigal Son with the SandBoxBible.


The deeper our relationship with God grows

the more intense our intimate questions become.

The deeper our trust with God

the more we can reveal our crazy mixed emotions (at least journal about them)

and we can trust our emotions because it shows us WHAT WE BELIEVE...

and what we believe... Now THIS is where we need discernment!

Our belief system can be thwarted by life, experience and the devil too.

... and this could lead to deeper questions we feel we may ask of Him.

Here is a sample of deep emotional instances in the Bible:

Abraham said, “Please don't be angry, LORD, if I ask you ..." (Gen 18)

Moses asked: “Why have you sent me?" (Ex 5)

David turned to God quoting Jesus... "Why have you forsaken me?" (Ps22)

The 12 Disciples... "do you not care that we are perishing?" (Mark 4:38)

Then there was me this morning!

When I journal, I ask God many things.

I am brutally honest in my journal.

I was not simply asking questions this morning...

I was (oops) TELLING God something like this:

Dear God,

I have a 3D dream that by the time I am dead in 20+ odd years from now that... (for those in denial... I will be dead in a few years from now. I already have 3 siblings and my mom waiting so asking this is very REAL for me - we only have SO MUCH TIME left... and in a few days from now my bday is reminding me of this fact of life.)

So... I have a dream that...

  1. Theological training institutions and YWAM Bible schools will have an entire full 3D Bible set with which to visually train students. (Back in Bible school my team had to build the fall of Jerusalem with clay... IMAGINE all the 3D pieces with fire and walls and people fighting were already there for us to examine this great story...)

  2. I would like kids in Sunday schools to follow Bible stories with toys. I will never forget the 8 year old that said: "Mom, I want Jesus Toys"... then she saw the SandBoxBible and told her mom (who told me in turn) "Mom, Now I have Jesus Toys" THERE ARE NO SUCH TOYS in SA for them.

  3. I would love to see Missionaries tell Bible stories under trees in third world nations in a way that is easy to remember and that Church Planters can train the next Church Planter with a visual toy where translation is not needed. THREE BILLION STILL NEED TO HEAR. They already LOVE the wooden 2D because it works.

  4. I want to see Old Age Retiring Homes play chess AND play Jesus Stories from the Bible with 3D images when their Grand Children come to visit.

  5. Our family read the Bible after dinner each night around 6:00. Imagine my dad and mom told us stories around the table with toys alongside the Kids Bible.

  6. ... and PS God: I am invited to go to Tibet in October, and we will have a Ch#na spy with us all the time and it is R60 000 and I have to take 8 boxes to Nepal in August... and... and and... my house still looks like... bla bla bla... (by now I was moaning, not praying ok!)

and then God gently spoke back to me as I wrote this list ...

so... you think its YOUR dream?

Who gave you that dream?

Who created Adam and still loves to still create in 3D?

(When God asked me about Adam I knew I was not making up questions and He had my attention)

Where do you think the 3D idea came from? You?

He continued:

I still make myself super vulnerable, as I continuously choose to use people to fulfil MY dreams for My people on earth. If they say no... I need to look for the next person to say yes... but it is ME and MY dreams for YOU GUYS through you.

Don't you think I will fulfil My dream, regardless?

I placed down my pen.

I had to think.

Why is this so hard then?

It is HIS BOAT after all.

He steers it.

He calls the 153 fish to jump into the net once we realise... it is not up to us.

He talks to the waves and they obey.

He pays the tickets when He calls for it... and He has His agents that says yes to give.

So... You all met Rianni via my newsletters.

What you might not know is that she is a Springbok...

and that in Judo... but recently she has been throwing Judo-Christians moves (excuse the pun) on me like this:

"Why do you worry so much"

"Why do you worry so much about the future? You only have now. Jesus said, "Look at the birds..."

I was like... This is why I called my dog "Mossie" (sparrow)...

DANG - she is quoting Jesus so I have little to say back in response.

I said, "We have to book the tickets and pay deposits so ..."

She starts quoting Jesus again... she throws me HARD, and I lost that one too.

I usually do... and then God came and trumped me GOOD this morning with Adam...

yet... in my heart I feel: IT'S OK BUT IT IS NOT OK

I feel like I live in such a dichotomous world sometimes where Jesus is Lord and the free will of man + the devil = ____________!

Moses had 40 years of desert-training and only then the "real" desert with people came along. I think I am sometimes tired of fighting and somehow I only STARTED with what God has been training me for these last 25 years in YWAM where I had to fight and fast and pray for most of what has been accomplished.

It is not as if Moses was in the desert for 40 years to go to a city... and relax in a church pew - NOPE. It was to go back into the same desert but this time with people... Trust is not always easy.

What God requires of us when we say YES can be very deep if you start pondering His ways.

You know, Tibet is really challenging my beliefs too, whether I go or not. Am I willing like Paul to face what comes regardless? (That dream)

Am I like Peter who in one sentence says to Jesus I will die for you and in the next breath... say I do not know Him?

When I was in Turkey filming an underground film for Iran... I remember thinking:

I am not ready for jail. I have a mother yet today my mom is in heaven and I think: I have a 3D project! Will I go where He asks of me to go, regardless?

Thus my question becomes: can I write to you and say FOLLOW ME AS I FOLLOW CHRIST?

sjoe... this is a difficult question.


Pray with me.

1. Rianni and I need to know if we are going to T#bet or not.

Next to North-Korea T#bet is most likely the most difficult closed nation on earth. If we go, we will be with SAAWE (S.African Action for World Evangelisation) on a 3 week prayer and intercession journey and a Ch#nese sp# will escort us all the way. We really need to know if this invitation is one to say yes or no to, and then we need to pay the first deposit beginning July.

2. Church Planters in Nepal have been asking us to bring more SandBoxBibles. We want to fly in as many as we can in August. Will you help us go? My roach news letter last time shows you that it is NOT a holiday when we go! We will be able to take in 10 boxes to 10 different underground workers via our amazing contact.

My travel agent got us really good deals for tickets (she beat all the others!) Its R16 000 per ticket + R600 for visa. (U$913)

3. Pray for a 3D graphic designer to come onboard with the 3D Bible "UrStory" project. Keegan - the guy on who's passport it rained on is really a great help setting all of this up!

As if God is not literally shouting to me from heaven: SEE... I AM DOING IT! I RAINED ON HIS PASSPORT so that he can help you!!

4. I need to buy more wood for the SandBoxBible project.

I personally have sponsored (via your sponsorship of course) all the recent boxes that went out. My monthly budget is at a place where, this month I will need to ask for more sponsorship.

Thanks for coming on board if you're not on yet!

Your Monthly Tithe through this project does reach unreached nations, and will help to run with the 3D project.

5. Last, but not the least:

the dichotomy: it's ok but not ok...

My flat/office is dancing on its head. They need to break a wall to fix the pipes in order for me to put new taps on at my sink and the shower.

For 30 years this flat has not been upgraded. It serves as the office of SandBoxBible and the 3D-URstory project.

I need to break and move another wall to make place for the 3D machine... we are entering a NEW PHASE and I am walking on water... I would really appreciate it if you could pray with me that the one HE ASKS to give towards this rather large upgrade (fixing the broken tiles on the floor too and the windows that cannot close (its winter) that THIS SPECIFIC person will hear and obey and give. (I received a quote of U$3500)

Thanks for praying with and for me,


Sarah Ana-Lise

Tithe to: (Absa) 907 558 0094 Savings

When you give, do make a note what it is for. (Travel / house fix / wood for boxes)


PS: I have 4 stunning Biewer Yorkies for sale.

Mossie and Basie Puppies are simply stunning!!!

If you know of a family looking for a special colour yorkie, let me know. They are Black and White. One with Brown and White. 2 Female and 2 Male. There finance goes towards my house I am trying to fix.

They are ready mid July for new homes.

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