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What a (Miracle + Cockroach) trip this was! Some great MIRACLE stories for you!

Let's continue developing this Discipleship Bible Study tool for the Orality Movement: Lets go 3D! More about this later.

It was THE WAY God spoke to me about this trip last year, and THE WAY our finance for the international flights came in... that by them I should have known we were in for a massive missions treat from Above.

I first want to tell you about this one small... not so small... thing that... crawled on the bus... high up in the Himalayan Mountains where we witnessed Mount Everest peaking as high as the plane fly - literally!!! Wow, it was a moment for my brain. When we landed back in Cape Town, Sir Lowery's pass looked like a dinky toy mountain in comparison.

This photo is how it looked like... we were cruising so high!



They say that one photo tells 1000 words. A photo cannot tell about the miracles we experienced nor... about...

...the cockroach climbing up my leg BITING me. Through the thin Punjabi, I was wearing, I squashed it behind my knee but the entire bus by now knew that something was happening to the 4 foreign faces on this local overnight bus.

They would fall on my head - I yelled! The seats were also WAY TOO SMALL for the long Dutch-Boer legs Rianni and I possess and it was truly a night we never want over again. It took us over 10 hours of sandy potholes, drinking car-sick pills twice to make it to our UNPLANNED yet God-planned destination.

God truly knows where his far-far-tucked-away body is living without much help from the outside world. The day before, when Rianni and I landed in Kathmandu, we rang our contact. He replied via a text: "There was a massive landslide, we are on a bus to go and help. Sorry we cannot see you this time."

Wow - OK! Now what Lord?

After our long pothole night bus ride, I totally understand why there are massive landslides all the time in these mountains. We told our YWAM connection what happened and she said:

"There are two missionary girls that live a flight away in Pokorah. They did not plan their trip here and will be leaving tomorrow on an overnight bus - I told them about you and they bought you tickets. Go to Pokorah where Ywam has a ministry. I felt like I climbed into the Book of Acts for a moment.

This is how we got on the bus with these two amazing girls. Needless to say - we flew back to Kathmandu... using a $100 bill that a friend sent to me from the UK ages ago... I kept it in my wallet for an emergency one day! Without cockroaches hanging on our legs we were back in Kathmandu in 20 minutes!

But my! It was an amazing time with these tucked-away believers. Rianni and I got to train them and even leave a small box for the YWAM staff. They were extremely grateful for our time there. They were highly appreciative of the new method to disciple a group through the Bible using the SandBoxBible - and we used RICE not sand! This was so much fun.

When I told them I am planning on making a 3D box that could potentially look "Nepali" ... you should have seen the face of our Nepali contact! Needless to say she poured OIL ON MY ALREADY KINDLED FIRE.



So... I want to go 3D.

Where does my help come from? We all know!

But HOW it will play out... We never know. This is what happened:

It started with "You and Rianni will fly"

To... 2 days later "You have an invitation to Thailand to the Create International meetings"

To... 2 weeks later both our tickets were (really miraculously) paid

to... warfare... and some xyz with Rianni's passport.

One day during meetings with Create, God spoke to me while I was sitting behind Calvin Conkey, the founder of Create Int. He said: "The passport thing that happened was prophetic for Create. They will have warfare around passports."

Two days later: "Did you hear, it rained into the room of Keegan's family? It rained in on the very spot where their family's passports were lying. Keegan will have to fly to South Africa for a new passport.

My heart sank for his sake cause it is so expensive to fly out of the blue to SA. But guess what? What I did not know, and found out is that Keegan, one of my very first DTS students in 2012 when I pioneered the Create Int DTS... was already doing his own 3D printing for his sweet little 6th-year-old.

Now... I am hosting Keegan in my house in STILBAAI... getting trained in the coming next days on how to print 3D!!!!!!!!! whilst driving him back and forth from George for flights and passport applications.

He will ALSO be able to visit the new Create Int team that JUST moved to Cape Agulhas... Oh... God is so clever.

REQUEST: I need to buy a small 3D printer and seeing that Keegan is arriving this week is needs to happen SOON... Will you pray about giving towards this? The one that a few sources that I know say to buy is on special from R17000 to R14,200

Paypal to (U$730 | 590Pounds)

or ABSA Savings 907 558 0094 R14,200

I WILL REALLY appreciate help in this regard.



During our first meeting at the Create Gathering, a few of us prayed out during worship. I took time to pray and suddenly out of my mouth came "NEW NEW NEW" and I started prophesying over Create. I had no idea that this theme of new things was what God was already speaking to Create. God shared a few more things and on the last day, I was able to pray over and anoint Calvin and Carol for the new season Create is entering.

It was a holy moment... but a very special moment for me. I love Create, the founders, and how God has been using them in extraordinary ways in the earth.

They are truly the tip of the spear, opening new ways of doing ministry among the most unreached. The new path God is taking them on is amazing... and if I had a child of my own that had to consider doing something in missions... joining this ministry is what I would have encouraged them to pray about.


EMDC - 229 Bible Distributing organizations joined.

I landed and got straight into a taxi with other EMDC folks I just met. We were talking when one man that works full time in Asia said: "YOU are Sarah... the SandBox Sarah? Wow... can I give you a hug?!"

Needless to say... that was nice! Word about how SBB helping the ORALITY movement in places like Indonesia, India, and Nepal got out... without me even knowing.



Last night in Nepal.

Rianni wants coffee... its 3rd world but we walk until we saw a 'real' coffee machine. "There!" I said.

We walk in.

We wait. 10Min.

We turn to walk out.

"Hi"... you remember me...?

A million answers go through my mind. Like: Taxi man..?

I see steam also coming out of Rianni's ears...


Finally, he says: "We met at the EMDC... in Thailand"

OHHHHH... we all smile. (He is some big leader... shame on me!)

He says: "I am having a meeting now with a leader from Vision 5:9!"

I know Vision5:9!!!

We will sit with you!

In comes the Vision5:9 leader...

I introduce myself and tell him that we made a prayer mobilization film back in Australia for Vision5:9... (I will never forget the green screen in the wind and the shuffling of the actual shuffle for that film.)

Then this man says - "you must meet the Bangladesh DTS leader. Let me call him."

And THERE WE ARE... meeting! Connecting and in NOVEMBER a Muslim SandBoxBible will be going to Bangladesh!

PRAISE GOD (for coffee machines in Nepal)


Random Photos

I got to spend some lovely time with Penny


The picture of me planting at the beach: my way of trying to rehabilitate this plant. Every December lots of us get stung by "blue bottles" and it is very sore. This plant is the first action step before you get to a doctor but there is none where we swim.


HUGE thanks for all the support

all the prayers and just being there encouraging me as always.

THE NEXT PHASE of SandBoxBible is going 3D, making Bible figures for MINORITY GROUPS to break the barrier between "western religion" and Jesus coming through the Bible to them as "Nepali" or "Indian" or "African" with appropriate Discipleship tools.

The Least Reach Nations have many barriers to overcome... lets help them! Let's continue developing this Discipleship Bible Study tool for the Orality Movement. Rianni is now part of my team helping me. What a joy!

Thanks for your support!


ABSA 907 558 0094 Savings to SA Breedt


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