I press on to take hold

of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me

January 21, 2020

Good News first



AMAZING WHERE THIS VISUAL BIBLE IS ENDING UP... I could not have imagined this.

Today I finished the official University of the Nations French Translation for the Disicpleship Training School.

Oh the joy! Here is a snapshot of the book!

It goes online for free for all our French speaking nations.


The sandboxbible made it t...

January 12, 2020

As the 2019 December holidays was about to start, I thought... why is everyone watching NETFLEX?

I have never had a TV in my house and I know that it is quite difficult to pray after watching a movie (any movie) The images are so vivid in my mind so I had to have some boundaries for the sake of prayer.

But I also knew that I was going to be alone for a number of weeks so I checked out NETFLEX and when I saw it...

December 29, 2019

Find Reading Program at the end. 

I've been doing it since 2018 and it is doable, not too long and nice.  ENJOY! '

Cause 2020 is by the way, "Year of the Bible"

The end is this,

when is not going well,

when we are emotionally down,

when it feels as if prayers are hitting the roof...

the first thing that goes out the window is that


prayer life goes sour...

December 29, 2019

Literally speaking, dregs refers to sediment at the bottom of a liquid such as tea, but figuratively you can use dregs to mean

“a small amount left.”

Becoming quiet enough to see the (positive) dregs

It was 24 December 2019. After much contemplation I decided to stay at home, alone, for Christmas. It was the best choice for where I was at in my life. Days on end I saw no one.  I watched a few "based on true" mov...

December 18, 2019

In this final 2019 News Letter:

1. Finally the Game... after 1 major tweak.

2. The boy, the devil and the snake

3. Picking up a tiger  (For Real)

4. 2020: Staffing the Masters until 2023

5. Split personalities: Stretching myself with more training

6. My dogs, My pleasure

7. Sand Box Bible testimony

8. Twins (July) & Baby Boy (March) in 2020

9. Random

1. The Prayer Game

Remember I tried to fund-raise for the Intercession...

November 6, 2019

Regardless what we do,

let us incorporate discipleship,

not evangelism only,

to all ethnic groups

that God places around us

in our different

spheres of influence.

Dear Friends, Family and Sponsors

My Back and Hip

It has been three months since I have injured my back. Today I had a scheduled appointment in Pretoria and really hoped that the exercises were helping to avoid a back operation.

Good news. It did for no...

October 18, 2019

All you have to do to enter this competition is to subscribe, and to answer only 10 easy questions.

If you are able to answer all 10 question, you could win the Medium SandBoxBible (30x30x10cm) with over 424 wooden figures to tell

Bible stories from Matthew - Acts in chronological order with an audience of your choice.

An audience could be your grandchildren, your bible study group, or even a YWAM DTS or SBS OUTR...

September 12, 2019

This is very close to my heart.

Back in 2012 when I pioneered the Create International Discipleship Training School I contemplated for a long time how we could make our outreaches more strategic.

What I did not want to do, was to travel with my students to a location, do a drama or two... preach a message and leave. I wanted to leave something behind that would remind our audience of the message we brought.


August 31, 2019

"Drop a tear

and see how

many people come

to wipe away that tear.

That is how rich you are"

(Guru Gopal Das)

I have been surrounded with so much love by so many of you when you heard about my back. Thank you to all of you who wrote, and who went beyond the norm to assist. I definitely did not feel alone in this saga. THANK YOU!

A great shout-out for the professional Ywam French Translator (and Tom Bloomer!) who is...

August 8, 2019

I got into my car after 10 hours of mainly waiting.

Then the day hit me.

I cried.

I prayed.

I embraced the new journey.

I went home, and today I am gladly working because I am still walking! I am still alive. And God is GOOD.

Before I tell you about my back...

on my "singleness" note.

This past Sunday I was with believers that's never met me before. They did not know I volunteered with YWAM. They prayed for my back a...

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