I press on to take hold

of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me

May 12, 2015

Had a lot of fun with these girls this weekend.


I took a few video clips as we were driving - this is Kona Hawaii! Enoy the 2min 30 sec  clip

I worked so hard last week it felt like my brains was going to fall out... but... this was the best way to relax! We stayed over at Liza's house, and guess what! She had one of my diaries with her!! What a blessing!






May 4, 2015


There are only 4 places on our planet with "green sand"


Work hard - Play hard


We jumped into the car on Sunday, and went to a place that I did not even knew existed up till that day. It was really green! And so beautiful. Quite rough... not soft sand at all.


Pics from this Sunday


 Black sand beach - read here

She only moved her eye once! They bread on this beach. Your cannot touch them.  

 Blisters from all...

Hi Friends,


A quick wonderful update.  Last night we had David Hamilton informing us about the two new Bible's that he completed with the help of teams from all over the world.


The news that caught my ear was that they have translated the Source View into THAI! Thailand is having a major push in 2015 for Bible distribution. 


Only 1/5 (one fifth) of 1% of the 59 million Thai have a Bible.


LETS GET THE 6000...

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