I press on to take hold

of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me

August 29, 2015





This is an exciting day for me! After two years of looking (and doing some begging) someone actually came to me and said "I WILL DO IT" 


Using the books that I created for the Shan People gives me unexplainable joy. I cannot put words to it. It is the same feeling I had when the Chinese books were done... it is like: wow! 


Helping a nation, where most people will be FIRST generation Christians, having to do...

August 27, 2015


As I am getting ready for Townsville, I quickly put together a 1.59minute video clip for workbookspioneer. 


Watch this short new clip here


Both my printers and I are slowly coming out of the pioneering phase and it is wonderful to see books printed at a reasonable price for ywam'ers, but more than that - getting connected with Translators for this very unreached region of the world.







August 14, 2015


What happened with us in BKK?








After hearing news about other YWAMers being denied their visas to Townsville, Penny and I flew to BKK... to find out if we were also denied... It was after all the exact same paperwork... and the person denied was from a World A country, not B like us... We tried not to panic.  I have quite a clear word from God to go... so I was ready to f.i.g.h.t for any visa to get t...

August 12, 2015



As I am personally preparing my heart for this unique “YWAM Together” in Townsville, Australia, I can just feel how God is also excited to meet us in a special way for this season.


As I was on my knees just singing, worshiping before God, I saw 3 angels with a net in their hands. They were busy mending it.  I knew they stood for Africa, America and Europe. I was wondering why there were not 5 of them....

August 8, 2015


It is nice to be home!  CLICK Short 30sec clip of my Doggies when I arrived... 



What a joy it was to be trampled at the gate by 3 hairy friends...   Penny made the most wonderful carrot cake that I ate in a blink of an eye.  Once I received my lost passports, I rushed home to catch our bi-yearly YWAM Thailand Conference called "Catch The Wave" I made it with one day!  ... and that was a good thing! Why? It we...

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