I press on to take hold

of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me

March 21, 2017

Seeing that I felt like I was on the verge of going insane today... I turned to something that brings me sanity in moments of "CANNOT HANDLE reading any more books or learning any more Thai today"

I know the feeling will last only until I wake up tomorrow morning.  But I took the gap!

It is like hunger. Somethings force us to just go on with life. In the midst of it, there's TimTam Slam and Photography.  Some thi...

March 21, 2017

So this is the awesome email I got today!  

...and just by the way - after 4 years of praying for the French Translation to get done ... we finally have a team that said they will finish it and INCLUDE Haitian Kreyol DOUBLE WOW - pray for them ok!!

HUGE THANKS to a friend of mine in Switzerland who did a lot of the French Translation without payment! May we reach many African, European and American French sp...

March 2, 2017


Don't know if you saw my last newsletter about the two dreams that came true last week - the one about the huge Pink Pigs, and then the one in the Psychiatric ward.  If you did not you can read about it here.

Last night I had another dream.  

This time it was 3 stealing monkeys and one had a baby.  They came into my house and started stealing my fruit.  I tried to chase them away but they were really sneak...

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