I press on to take hold

of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me


Here you will find the ENGLISH VERSION of the interview.

March 26, 2018

Hi Friends & Sponsors,

When the Lord told me to live in Kempton Park, I had no idea I would connect with so many amazing leaders, intercessors and influencers in a matter of 3 weeks! Even old school friends.

Then I received the email end last week: "Hi, my name is Jen. Can you make it Tuesday 7:30am for a live interview?"

I have been on Radio Pulpit 3 times since November last year but this will be the first LIVE...

March 17, 2018

People are asking me: ARE YOU STILL WITH YWAM?


I am YWAM... have been 21 years.

I have a full time call to the University of the Nations - which is YWAM. The UofN is currently in 160 nations! It is more than wonderful to train, disciple & influence nations from all over the world.

Unless something really strange happens,

I will be with YWAM-UofN.

In Costa Rica last year I had some good catch up meetings about w...

March 15, 2018

​​I have people who are asking for weekly prayer points. 

Thanks for asking!

Go to my website, and click "weekly prayer points"

It is true, as some have told me when they hear what I want to do for my Capstone: "Sarah, you will need a lot of prayer for this one! The enemy is not going to like it"

I guess it is true!

But I also know WHO told me to do it.

I did not choose it...

by far, did I, not choose it!!


March 15, 2018

An honest reflection on what I read

It has been a long day.

I am very tired.

Yet I am excited too.

Deeply disappointed (you will understand later)

but at the same time,  being filled with hope for this generation.

We are reading a book for Module 5.

Every module has come with it challenges

but between 1 and 5

something deep shifted inside of me.

I cannot say what.

I cannot even say how.

Perhaps it is a book like the one I...

March 4, 2018


From expecting a room,

to arrive at a furnished apartment was ...

like a positive punch in my gut!

On arrival, my friend handed me keys and said: "Welcome home" I of course burst into tears at the sheer generosity of allowing me to stay in the apartment next to the house. Not only did God call me back to South Africa in this season for a very specific assignment, but He provided me an incre...

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