I press on to take hold

of that for which

Christ Jesus took hold of me

My "Singapore-Wish"... for September!

20 Mar 2016

A good friend of mine gave me this broshure saying: "I know you and I know you would LOVE to go to this because it is your passion and also part of the focus you will have for your Masters Degree"


She was completely CORRECT!

I am already having to do MAJOR fundraising when I go home for the Masters... yet money should never determine what we do nor don't do.


& GUESS WHAT... it is open to the Body of Christ!

Any one of my sponsors want to join me on this adventure? Take this back to your local church? 

God-willing, I will be able to raise another airticket and ground fees, and jump on the airplane  

9 September returning 24 September from SINGAPORE for the following:



"So you have heard about YWAM's 4K Omega Zones focus?  (if you have not go here 4kworldmap.com)


Finding 4K Solutions will equip you to look further than your own capacity and gifts - "What can I do?"  -  and focus on finding solutions for "WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE?"


35% of 4K Omega Zones are populated with totally Unreached Peoples who have no gospel access.  Another 42% have marginal gospel access.  What does this mean for the approaches you will take and your expected ministry outcomes?


This 10 Day Seminar | Workshop  is about praying, thinking and planning big... really BIG... about smaller bite-sized pieces, and answering the key question:


"What needs to be done for ALL of these Omega Zones to have access to the Gospel and be blessed with transformational disciple-making ministries and movements?"


The Christian Magna Carta, Spheres of Society and Church Planting Movements will feature in this integrated approach.  


What makes a movement move through a sphere of society or population? What should we do with a new follower of Jesus in a complete unreached area? 


Experienced field practitioners will assist you to develop an implementable Action Plan in an interactive worship style environment.


Finding 4K solutions - a new wave of pioneering among the Least, the Last and the Lost "


INFORMATION:  www.ywam.org.sg     EMAIL:  info@ywam.org.sg   12-23 September 2016


ACTUAL COST IN RAND FOR ME TO GO : R 8400 + R8600 = R17,100


FOOD & LODGING for 2 weeks in Singapore: 


Cost of the cheapest flight at the moment:   



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