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It is nice to be home! CLICK Short 30sec clip of my Doggies when I arrived...

What a joy it was to be trampled at the gate by 3 hairy friends... Penny made the most wonderful carrot cake that I ate in a blink of an eye. Once I received my lost passports, I rushed home to catch our bi-yearly YWAM Thailand Conference called "Catch The Wave" I made it with one day! ... and that was a good thing! Why? It were on two levels. First the Word, and then the miracle of finding a Translator!

We received a good and sobering word from the Lord, about being grapes that God can use.

As you know grapes go through much before it is ready. We had to think about where we are at in this analogy. Some people and some ministries

are going through some difficult things. One do not always understand. Is it God? Is it the enemy? Is it just reality of living in a fallen world? Is it human flesh that is in the way? There are many things to think about....

I realised that I have been crushed many a time (by the Lord!)... and that I am ageing on the shelf. It is a GOOD thing! Good wine takes years... on the shelf.

Influencing Myanmar | Burma

It has been over 2 years that I have been searching for a Burmese Translator. Myanmar is experiencing a real revival, and it is no secret. A few months ago Create Int'l sent teams to capture this amazing move of God in the midst of International heartache (The pain of what is happening between different people groups in Myanmar. Many think it is about Muslim and Bhuddist but a lot has to do about ownership of the land)

YWAM Myanmar is also growing. Finding a willing and good Burmese translator to translate the YWAM documents for DTS schools into Burmese was troublesome BUT I FOUND SOMEONE. During the conference I kept asking about this to no avail. One night, I was cracking some jokes, which lead to me meeting someone who without knowing, took me to the person who said: "YES, we will translate your DTS books! Thanks for helping us not reinventing the wheel!" I felt like it was a set up by God. I could not stop smiling the rest of the evening.

Australia... here I come!

Connecting with new school leaders from around the world!

Every two years we have our University meeting somewhere in the world. This year is unique, because the broader YWAM is coming together. Currently we are 18 000 staff in over 180 locations worldwide. We will be around 1100 people in Townsville this year. I am applying for a visa (yes, once again)

Once done with the YWAM together conference, I will be back in Chiang Mai, starting with a new series of books that highlight the 7 spheres of influence. I already met with some key people in Kona to help me with material that needs to get out to the wider body of YWAM's training side.

PRAY that I will be never be driven by Momentum... but MOVED forward by the Fresh Word of the Lord! To stay within His Strategy for the nations is key.

To hear Him in this season, the heartbeat of His undercurrent... that is my desire.


I would like to share a link with you that I have been enjoying.

It is worship from Bethel. Enjoy

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