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Townsville in Prayer - linger... a 5th time


As I am personally preparing my heart for this unique “YWAM Together” in Townsville, Australia, I can just feel how God is also excited to meet us in a special way for this season.

As I was on my knees just singing, worshiping before God, I saw 3 angels with a net in their hands. They were busy mending it. I knew they stood for Africa, America and Europe. I was wondering why there were not 5 of them. Then I saw the other two in the background. I have no idea why they had to be “called” They stepped forward to where the other 3 were, picked up the net and together all 5 tossed the mended net over the globe.

Then I saw the net bulging with a catch, and the bulge happened over Asia. This catch could not be caught if the others were not holding the net tight, helping Asia. Then in this picture I saw the sea of Galilee and felt to read “Luke 5”