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Being stretched - Lectio Divina

I feel unseen hands are pulling my joints apart! D. Wallard writes that "spiritual formation is the process through which the will takes on the character of Christ's will". I do not know about you, but my will sometimes need some serious pulling apart!

Asking good questions is one way to find out why one will what one wish for but there is another way too, to challenge the will.

Negative old patterns, habits, and experiencing consequences of some outworking of our will that we do not agree with as Christians lead us to: "How do we know what the will of Christ is?" Repentance is, as I always say, one of the most profound gifts that we can have. The pain of disobedience is most times much worse than pain of obedience. Our will needs changing, especially if we walk close to Christ, wanting to be formed into His image. One of the ways to challenge our will is of course scripture. Therefore, and exercise that I have been familiar with since 2003, and that is one of my most favourite personal practices over the years, is to no surprise one of the Spiritual Practices we are doing.

"Lectio Divina" or Divine Reading.

I thought to introduce this to you. Perhaps some of my students will have memory flash backs! I also hope that as you read this, that you will perhaps try it. Give it a go for a week and see where it leads you. It has taken me on many paths with Jesus - even this morning, a very simple passage from Luke where Jesus calls Levi, took me to some very unexpected places in my own heart.

Hope this bless you


(These specific Lecto Divina notes are from our UofN Masters but you can google can find lots on this.)

You will need a Bible, a pen and your Spiritual Journey Diary.

Watch the Youtube Video of Abbot Murphy on Lectio Divina (6min)

Build a rythm throughout the week while asking Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus.

You can start with Luke 5:27-32 or 6:6-11 where Jesus interacts with people.

Each time you read, consider how Jesus lived as one of us (human) in relation to

His Father,

Holy Spirit,


the enemy

and in all kinds of circumstances.

Together with Holy Spirit use your imagination and put yourself in the place of Jesus.

Where are you?

What do you see and smell?

What sounds do you hear?

What else do you notice / sense in this scenario?

Notice the interaction with people in the story.

What do you feel and notice related to them?

What areas of tension can you identify?

What inspires / challenges you? PRAY.

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