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Short update

Short update: The last couple of weeks I have been traveling between Gauteng and Cape Town while doing daily assignments for the Masters. I am enjoying the studies much more than what I anticipated. It is also more work than I thought it would be. I do not know how the married couples with kids are coping! It's quite practical with lots of application to myself and people around me. Some of you already had a taste of this. I love doing it.

Thank you to everyone contributing to this - I am really looking forward compiling practical discipleship material for the Thai church once back in Thailand, where I will also be studying Thai full time - I will thus be a student on 2 levels... I hope I do not explode. Thai has 5 tones (one word can have 5 meanings depending on the tone, and I am not the best audible learner... it is going to be a huge challenge to get this sing-song language finally for good in my head.)

I have also had the opportunity to do Theophostic Counseling with quite a number people (and 3 teens) during my stay here. It is always amazing for me to see how Holy Spirit can come and bring breakthrough in areas where we find ourselves a bit stuck!


It is VISA application time for Thailand - Please pray that everything will go smoothly. I have a lot of paperwork coming from Thailand and I hope the post will deliver in time! Then I will need to receive my police clearance in time, and my actual passport going back and forth between Cape Town and Gauteng. Pray that I will have no courier problems.


- I still need to pay a fair amount for the Masters

- Thai visa application

- Thai Student fees.

- I will also be attending the Int'' DTS Centre Meetings in Chaing Mai end January and need finance for this.

I hope you have an amazing Christmas Season this year!

Sarah Anna-Lise

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