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My brother Zarias fighting cancer

It is hard to engage with my daily Masters' material while my beloved brother is fighting cancer. Yet I can say that God is not silent! He is still the most amazing God... WITH us.

I will be able to restart Full Time Thai once back in Thailand. My language school is very gracious! I hope immigration will also be!! I will fly mid June back to Thailand.

I REALLY hope to see a MAJOR breakthrough for Zarias by then... also... because my 3rd brother Jacques is getting married later this year!! But most of all because I believe Jesus WANTS to heal Zarias.

I am sure you have noticed by now that I like to take random clips on my (dying) phone and then wack them together in a short movie to update friends. (Even my macbookpro is showing signs of retirement!)

HERE is such an update in short video on youtube again.

THANK YOU for praying with us. There are some key scriptures God gave us as Rhema for Zarias. God cannot lie - so we take his Rhema words to us and fight the good fight of Faith in Jesus. And this is where we want to be found... IN HIM.

Thank you to all who also financially support the Family of Zarias at the moment. Inge is the primary care taker and it is really a 24 hour job! Please cover her in prayer.

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