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17 April Oasis Church teenagers and I did the very first TEST RUN of an Intercessory Prayer Game I am developing to introduce 4 key principles of prayer while having fun.

Roughly 2-3 years ago I had a dream in Chiang Mai. I remember waking up feeling so exited, because in the dream I developed an exiting Christian Board game. I could never come up with an idea after that day and quickly forgot all about it.

Most of you know, I do not play games. My late brother use to hide half the pack of cards under his seat and his cheating and my love to win (fairly) did not go down well together. People that play games are usually late-night-owls too, and I am a early-night-chicken.

Fast Forward. A month ago I suddenly remembered the dream! Thoughts and ideas rushed through my mind. That same week I had a meeting with someone. The morning of our meeting, 28 March, I prayed and suddenly I heard "Tell this leader about the Game" During the meeting, I forgot about it, but near the end of our 2 hour meeting, I kept hearing Holy Spirit say "Mention The Game!" I pushed fear of man aside and I explained my thoughts. "GO for it" she said.

So I did. It's 3 weeks later and my "Pilot-Team" (all teenagers) joined me in playing and figuring out fantastic ways to make the game even more fun. Before last night I never considered "probabilities for a dice falling on numbers" but now I do! I received a text message from their leader and said: "It was really good, and I am willing to join with my group for another test round" It really blessed my heart!

Feedback from one of the teens: "It was a very powerful way to ignite us to intercede. It gave me confidence to pray in a group because I never usually pray out loud in front of people. It gave me ideas what to pray for. It gave me a new mindset."

Please pray that I will be able to finalize this really well.




Before I continue my news letter, my deepest condolences to Tarry and Lynn Schall who lost their lovely daughter (21). These two dear people, are the folks who are moving to Sukhothai, the Thai City where my late brother Zarias became so ill while his wife was a teacher at a Thai Gov school. Sukhothai is a historical city in Thailand with much history but it is very hard to labour there for the Gospel.

I did not know Tarry and Lynn before Zarias passed away, but they followed the videos I made for him. While they followed the story, God spoke to them to continue what was started by Zarias & Inge because

"his death was not in vain.

He was a seed that fell for a harvest."

If Holy Spirit would lead you to do so, please keep Tarry and Lynn on your prayer list in this next coming year as they now not only have to church plant in one of the most difficult un-reached regions in the world but have to walk through this great loss. THANK YOU.


This is the same couple that are currently fundraising to buy to the car that Penny and I had, the White Avanza, our miracle car, that brought Zarias out of Sukhothai. It is the same couple who looked after my Chommie doggy after I left... they obviously left deep footprints in my heart. I will be the recipient of the money they raise for the car, to buy a car here in SA to continue with the "IamGreenSA" campaing God told me execute over the next 2-4 years here in SA. Things are snowballing beyond the Masters degree... so,

"when you hear my name

while you are praying,

it is not the pizza you ate,

it's most likely God."

Its been 5 weeks.

I had 26 official meetings/appointments in 39 days, apart from seeing friends on the side!

Do you know what that means?

I am going nuts!

Its good nuts.

I still don't dance when they sing Bambelela in church... but I am nuts for Jesus.

My body finally said: STOP IT. But I do have to say it is "fun-stress" to get to know the Pretoria - Jo'burg highways. I am so grateful for Google Maps!!!!!

And I have an amazing white board to help keep my brain intact. (Yes, I miss Penny - she was my official brain for 12 years!)

I am trying to hit the breaks cause I need to get behind my computer for the Masters. The breaks are failing simply because doors have swung WIDE OPEN. I have not been in this nation for 12 years. I had very few ministry connections in SA when I came back. This changed overnight. When I rang Penny telling her what was happening, she said: Do you realize you are living a miracle cause you were gone for so many years.

Favor poured down

and I am singing in the rain.

God is at work and I have no problem working really hard alongside Him... and that with my own nation as a focus. I love it. (not having a language barrier is huge too! I do not miss trying to speak Thai :-) but I do miss Thailand. I have had so many good conversations so far and quite political too! The problems in SA is deep and wide. Much deeper than anticipated. Raw actually. Very raw. I am not here to solve ANY of them. I am here to follow the next step of what He is telling me to do. Pray that I will discern those steps with clarity!


I've also had the privilege of counseling a few people and have seen amazing breakthrough come to friends. When I pioneered the CIDTS back in Chiang Mai in 2012, I did the official Theophostic Training in order to train my staff well in asking good questions when facilitating small groups and one-on-ones. Little did I know how it would effect my life and the life of others years later.


Another AMAZING thing that happened to me was that a friend from years ago Whatsapp'ed me and said:

"I cannot make the Bill Johnson Conference. Do you want my ticket?"

Little did I know that this Conference's focus was on South Africa. What an incredible neat way of God to give me a heart for SA 'baptism' only a few weeks after my arrival. Every word He has been speaking to me about SA was basically mentioned from the front. It sealed the deal for me for what God is calling me to do. I know that there will be difficult times in the next coming years but I know that I know, God called me here for this season with something very specific.

When you hear my name while you are praying, it is not the pizza you ate, it is most likely God. Most of you who have been following me since 2012 will also know that I really struggle with my health when I don't go slow. My slow button is in repair, and I will take it slower but please pray that I will have the energy to keep going.

I hope to be sharing quite a bit more by May, surely June/July.

I do have a PRAYER LINK.

Click on it to pray for me.


SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY ONLINE ! Project No inbox emails anymore.

Facebook friends: the APP that I finally bought is called "IamGreenSA"

If you do download it, you will receive a text message on your phone when I update news. You can delete the SarahB app. It was fun testing it :-)

This is better than receiving another newsletter & will benefit news-followers over the next 2-4 years.

SIMPLY SCAN THE QR BAR with your phone camera to download the APP. Just hover your camera over this and it will give you the link.


Answered Prayer - I found a church

A prayer request I had on my prayer page was the fact that I had to find church-family. I visited quite a few churches and I knew in my heart not to join a mega super big church with lights and cameras... They are around every corner in this place and all quite amazing.

I actually cannot remember how I heard about Oasis... but I went to visit them 3 weeks ago. When I left I heard Holy Spirit say: "This will be your church-family in this season" The last time God spoke that about a church to me was in 2002 in the UK. Christ Church Southport is still onboard with me till today, praying for me, and I will be visiting them for two days in June this year before I go to Harpenden for meetings.

It is the first time since 2002 that God was so specific about a church. I think I figured out why by the 3rd time. Their focus is Missions/Nations, Worship & Intercessory Prayer and Revival. They have such a heart for missions & the bonus is (I did not know this), they are under the Covering of Bethel and connected with Heidi Baker in Mozambique!! Go Figure :-) They way that they linger in worship is so refreshing. All 3 the sons of the Pastor use to be in Ywam and I was even staff of one in 2006 when he did his Biblical Studies in Muizenberg. Needless to say: I feel home.


On the side line

At the Conference I met a lovely artist. I was drawn to her style. I just thought I introduce her to folks in this region.

Thanks for visiting friends,

NEW SA NR for Whatsapp +27 60 717 0429

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