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My Encounter With Jesus


A - My Special Encounter with Jesus

B - Remember that "Crazy Idea"

C - Training Interns at Church

D - Brain storming for the University of the Nations next few years

E - Lilly's Sister arrived after 7 months of waiting

From all five continents, YWAM's University of the Nations Leaders came together in Cape Town for meetings and had one very special Retreat Day on the beautiful Wine Farm, La Motte in Franschhoek. None of us really knew what we were in for... but in the end of this unique day we walked away with special memories of beauty and encounters in various ways.


We already had some extended times of silence when at one point we were asked to gather in The Chapel on the farm. Around 60 of us entered in silence, a big cross and a massive seven candle lamp stood in front of us. We were surrounded with 6 large windows of stained glass art, depicting Bible scenes. It was not only the visuals that brought us into a deeper awareness of Him with us, but the actual Tangible Presence in that place. As someone agreed with me, "Jesus was really with us!"

One of our hosts for the day played the piano and I was taken back to precious days growing up in the Dutch Reformed Church. As we sang old hymns with a mixture of current worship expressions of our day, I felt I could stay in that place forever. At the end, we were asked to exit quietly for Lunch on La Motte. It was then that I felt His Presence really strong while He whispered to me, "Would you sit with Me a little longer..." A meal on amazing La' Motte or Jesus!

He was just too real and too close to say no.

I stayed. The piano kept playing even though I knew everyone must have left for lunch. While thinking this specific thought, wondering why the lady who played the piano did not leave, I heard Him again, "I will play for you while you sit here. I will never leave you alone." His love towards me completely overwhelmed me. I sat and wept for at least 30 minutes. I sensed God speaking into my concerns about my housing and the likely move to Cape Town later this year. When I opened my eyes, I was really alone. The lady really played just for me. I was so blessed by her sensitivity in the Spirit because she obviously had no idea how the Lord used her to minister to me.

The Big question: Cape Town or Kempton Park?

I have one word in my heart that I cannot shake. It is the passage of Samuel and Saul where Saul waited the full 7 days for Samuel to make the offering. Samuel did not come at the appointed time. At the end of the seven days, with a few hours to go, Saul took the offering into his own hands. His timing was out by just about two hours or so! Imagine. He waited the full 7 days... and blew his Kingship away because of the last few hours and the people pressing him to make a move. He walked in the fear of man, and not the fear of the Lord. Timing is everything, and it is true for me because...

Last year when I prayed about Cape Town I asked the Lord, how on earth would I get from Kempton Park to Cape Town because if felt like there was this deep chasm in between. It is still the case. I specifically asked, "Lord, what do you call the ladder that will take me over?" His answer came unexpectedly clear.

He said, THE LADDER IS CALLED OVER TIME. I feel like I am in the last two hours of Saul. Will I react or respond? Will I sit and wait or... make my own plans?

Or now untill God calls and invites me to Cape Town I will live in Kempton Park and call it home for now.

It was most likely the day this picture was taken by one of the Interns of the Church that I decided to share a strategy that I think will work to get more missionaries out there in the 10-40 window where 2Billion people have not heard about Jesus. I was teaching for 21 hours on cross cultural missions.Usually finance is the biggest obstacle and in my last news letter I shared the idea of home-groups adopting a missionary, or even better... one in their home group to GO. This day, the Pastor's wife sat in for just a brief time.

It was coincidentally exactly when I started to share this idea. I asked them to imagine that each of the 60 Home Cell Groups (roughly 10 in a group) had 1 Missionary they supported with their tithe. This meant, if each person in the group received only R20 000 per month (really LOW amount) then the missionary would walk away with roughly R 20 000 and no problem to serve in the 10-40 window. (I still wish for 20 myself!)

They will also have a great personal covering group and it will not be left to the pastors and church as institution to cover missionaries on their way or their return (debrief for instance) but the Body of Believers! (I am sure pastors go like hallelujah on this point.)

The pastor's wife was like: "Will you share this idea with the Church?"

... dang... I had a hard time writing about this in my news and 5 days later I go on the stage with this? Of course I said YES... :-)

During the first service, I kinda warmed up - stiff with nerves the first time... more relaxed by the second service and by the evening service I was out of my given chair knowing it was YOUNG people and a lot of potential for missionaries right in front of me.

This Church really want to be a sending Church. I believe they will become a large sending Church.

It is tough to change culture!

I do however, LOVE the strategy God gave YWAM in regards to finance because there is ZERO CAP on the amount of missionaries YWAM can host, train and develop for ongoing missions world wide.

Go think about this.

Go think about it deeply.


The picture above, our University of the Nations' President from Switzerland leading no small task!

There are a few jokes in YWAM

- "Youth without Money"

- "Youth with a Meeting" and more

but hey... God is on the move.

He is strategic, He loves the Nations, He longs to be made known and through His Body on earth provide for it to happen. The two week back to back meetings went really well.

And as one of only a few of South Africans, Mandi (our African & M.E Registrar) and I, made sure that the BRAAI did not fall between the cracks! I even requested for some snacks with sugar cause these older leaders were really into their "healthy carrot snacks" during break. Low and behold... cookies were on the table at our next break. Thanks for having such an amazing listening ear!

So between cookies and steak, amazing people and work, I had a lovely time.



I hopefully Graduated!


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