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I got into my car after 10 hours of mainly waiting.

Then the day hit me.

I cried.

I prayed.

I embraced the new journey.

I went home, and today I am gladly working because I am still walking! I am still alive. And God is GOOD.


Before I tell you about my back...

on my "singleness" note.

This past Sunday I was with believers that's never met me before. They did not know I volunteered with YWAM. They prayed for my back and had zero idea what God has been speaking to me personally. The one man prayed as if I was a missionary - He kept speaking about how I go into dark places to share the Gospel and how God's light comes to free people... and how God is using me... I could not believe my ears!!


One thing stood out like crazy. That same morning when I woke up, I thought... "God, is it also for this next season you want me to stay single?"