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Update on my Back & Tanzania

Regardless what we do,

let us incorporate discipleship,

not evangelism only,

to all ethnic groups

that God places around us

in our different

spheres of influence.

Dear Friends, Family and Sponsors

My Back and Hip

It has been three months since I have injured my back. Today I had a scheduled appointment in Pretoria and really hoped that the exercises were helping to avoid a back operation.

Good news. It did for now.

I am still staying in Kempton Park for Christmas and not driving to Stilbaai / Cape Town yet - hopefully I will see my family in March 2020.

The specialist said that as long as it is getting better, we do not have to operate. To say "I am getting better" is difficult. Like today - I am fully aware that something is wrong with my right hip. We think I also tore some deep tissue. (What did I do???)

At least the pain is such that I am not on any medication. I am still advised to GO SLOW. We know that my slow button broke and that it is in repair... I am trying. The vasculitus dots on my arm and legs this week reminds me that I really have to work at going slower but it is HARD. I love my work. I love seeing people discipled through this new tool and making it easy for others to disciple others through the Word. It's fun!


I may have missed the Spain meetings...

but I got to go... only 4km from my house to fired up Heidi & Roland Baker, Stacy Campbell with her word in season for Africa, and Surprise Sithole, who was just incredible! (google him)

and my my my!

The love in the room

The incredible Presence of Holy Spirit in the room.

I can say, I have heard of Iris Ministries in Pemba Mozambique but now I have tasted some.

The speakers have seen the dead raise, blind see, lame walk...etc.

& The worship! It was glorious.


Randomly Bumping into Prophetic voices

In the last 2 months, I also had the privilege of 3 prophetic voices from 3 nation at two very different places randomly pray over me.

I did not look for it. It came as a surprise - every time.

Two of them started with the exact same phrase "I do not know if you are an athlete but I see you running and running and you do not stop and you do not go slow" I smiled both times. (Thankfully not one said "Stop"! They both said God is blessing what I am doing... so I... will run while I sit!)

A big thanks to those who wrote to me and said that they are still praying. I got sponsored an incredible SIT-STAND work desk all the way from the USA (really amazing) that helps me to ... sit... stand... sit... stand... while working. I am so grateful for this.


UPDATE on the SandBoxBible


Thanks Quentin Krog for helping behind the camera while I walked the lovely group of people through he story.

The mini box has now been to 4 Africa nations and the USA.

MASSIVE THANKS to my wonderful sponsors that makes this possible.

It reminds me of Ecclesiastes 11:1

"1 Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days. 2 Give a portion to seven, or even to eight..."

Dictionary Meaning: To do something kind or good without expecting anything in return. If you cast your bread upon the waters, you do good deeds for others without expecting anything in return.



Last night I had an amazing time with 15 ladies at Kaleideo Church and I am receiving such good feedback from a friend who took the box to Tanzania & Malawi to teach on a DTS. They use it everyday to tell Bible stories. What a joy!

This church planter, also one of YWAM's Southern Africa Frontier Missions leaders, has really been putting fuel on my fire after taking it to the various nations. He tells me that the people catch on quick and then love to tell the stories in the sand.

Another friend, one of our International Registrars for the University of the Nations cannot stop telling me how it has blessed her, here in South Africa and in Cambodia.

The 3rd testimony came from a friend in Durban, who's 2 children, once the 1st story was done, asked their mom to please tell another story. Children really enjoy this.

The woman at the church last night showed me again how deep this can minister in the hearts of those who answer the application questions at the end with depth and truth, not hiding from what surfaces.


Thanks for reading my news this month.

Regardless what we do,

let us incorporate discipleship,

not evangelism only,

to all ethnic groups

that God places around us

in our different

spheres of influence.

Till next time,

Sarah Anna-Lise

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