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Picking up a Tiger at the airport

In this final 2019 News Letter:

1. Finally the Game... after 1 major tweak.

2. The boy, the devil and the snake

3. Picking up a tiger (For Real)

4. 2020: Staffing the Masters until 2023

5. Split personalities: Stretching myself with more training

6. My dogs, My pleasure

7. Sand Box Bible testimony

8. Twins (July) & Baby Boy (March) in 2020

9. Random


1. The Prayer Game

Remember I tried to fund-raise for the Intercession game, teaching families how to pray for one another, for UPG's (unreached people groups) and more?

Two families responded by giving and I told God - You gave the dream one night, the dream came true but putting it in the hands of people, is Your baby.

This is what happened.

In the wake of our electricity going off for hours on end, caused many of us to come out of our hiding places, talk to our neighbors, play with our children, and simply... to sit in silence.

It is amazing how the brain, in that specific wake of silence, starts to re-think and ponder things in the sub-conscience mind. I am actually so grateful at times for the very in-convenient shut down of electricity (infamous load shedding). I face my electronic addiction and workaholism at a deep level!

One day, during such silent pondering I suddenly thought:

Make The Game out of wood!


Do it all in wood,

including the play-cards.

I sat for hours, reconverting files, words, sentences and amount of cards for a game in wood. There you go! It takes two days to laser and cut the 3mm wood, with 156 wooden play cards and spin board. I still need to work on a box to put it in.

THE FIRST NATION that will be receiving this game January 2020 is UGANDA where YWAM International Discipleship Training Overseers (Uniquip) will gather to train DTS School Leaders and staff. I am stoked about this one!


2. Meeting the Rangers


My set of answers in high school to "What do you want tobecome one day?" was always the same:

1. Go to the army in George - my dad simply said no.

2. Study to become a Psychiatrist - circumstances in 1995 stopped that.

3. Become a Game Ranger - that never happened.

My road ended up in YWAM which in a strange way through the Masters helped me to end up helping people with their fascinating and wide range of issues anyways - and that in a sandbox. (See testimony below)

You can just imagine how super happy I was when, on the spur of the moment an invitation to stay overnight with two rangers that rescue lions from abroad came my way.

First we drove to the airport, picked up the most beautiful neglected Tiger, who by then had traveled over 60 hours, and we still had 3 hours to go.


Here I am, 4th picture above, with Jurg, who saved the Tiger, and Diabolo. Well... you might think twice after watching the nearly 7million viewed Youtube video story of the Black Leopard Diabolo and his name change when it comes to "talking back and forth with animals" You might even shed a tear or think differently about Balam and his donkey.

Click here to watch this very fascinating video on Youtube. He told me the Diabolo story in person... and I cannot but wonder how the Garden of Eden might have been before The Fall. It is up for speculation... but this surely makes me think.


The counseling session

This story is the story of every child I have seen except one. I tell it in a way to hide the real incident and identities - but would like for you to hear this testimony because it happens over and over in my house.

I took this photo from above to show the mom what took place. This little boy's mom Whatsapp'ed me and said she heard that I help kids with problems.

The boy's friends played a horrible trick on him at school and since that day he changed. He is so gentle and soft and kind. Sweet kid!

The turmoil he was in, became quite obvious in the sand. He placed so many things in the box and suddenly the threw everything into chaos.

Then, in the end, I did what I do with the kids, that normal psychologist are not allowed to do. I found my Jesus figure and asked the boy where he thinks Jesus was. Long story short - when he decided to forgive, the change was immediate.

It actually caught me off guard. He said: "OK, I have to fix everything now!" I watched as he fixed his story. Then, out of his own, the snake and the devil had to leave his box. There was no more place for them. Then - once again not initiated by me, he "walked over to the bad boy, shook his hand and said: I forgive you" I asked him how he felt after doing that. He said - I feel so much better now. WOW

Controversial in the church but this happened:

The only child (I think 11 yrs old) that could not listen to Jesus, was the child that was discipled by Harry Potter and his witchcraft stories. It was a brick wall. Regardless of the background of a really strong Christian family... the characters of Harry Potter that came into the sandbox won the day - not Jesus. It formed a stronghold in the mind of the child and once again showed me how important it is for children to meditate on Jesus and the Bible stories, not witchcraft stories. What our kids read and meditate on (think a lot about), disciples them.

Fortunately both parents took this to heart.


3. Staffing the Masters 2020-2023

February I will be in Cape Town to staff the Masters with YWAM's University. During the next 3 years, 50% of class will be in Cape Town and 50% will be in the UK.

My main reason among others for not saying yes to staff for so long was finance.

Proverbs 16:19 really came true for me in regards to this: "A man’s heart plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." I did not plan on staffing! But then, as I kept submitting my plans in prayer... He determined the outcome.

To be honest, I am quite tired of living the life of a full time volunteer for 23 years but I will follow Him with joy, regardless.

Someone asked me:

"Will you now receive a salary?"

Nope. In YWAM, from the Int'l leadership, base leaders, and staff, NO ONE receives a salary. We are all volunteers. There are no exceptions. We are here to disciple all nations as Jesus commanded us to do in Matthew and co-work with business men and woman that wants to be part of answering this command.

Thank you so much for all my sponsors that so faithfully obey the Lord as He directs you in this. Please do keep me in your prayers as the next 3 years will be costly.

There will be a few flights and expensive UK Visas to apply for, never-mind the costly fuel, and living in Cape Town when I go down there with my car.

At least I drive the 16-17 hours to Cape Town via Colesburg and Stilbaai to drop Maycee and Lilly at my parents place and to say hi to family and my Janco & Alexander boys.

Please also keep my back in prayer - it is quite fragile. I will be seeing a bio-kinetics instructor in January to do deeper tissue work in my right hip that is carrying much of the displaced pain.

I saw how the Masters changed and enhanced the ministry of the Leaders who finished it. I know it is really worth staffing this. I myself will be stretched on new levels too - both in ministry and leadership-growth.

I really thank you with a deep appreciation.