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Staffing MA 2020-23

I am writing this newsletter from the Western Cape!

I just got back from Cape Town were our first gathering of the Masters cohort took place. At the end of last year God spoke to me one morning and simply said:

"you are suppose to be staffing this 2020-23 Masters"

Our next gathering for lectures will be in the UK in May. I am in the process of applying for the "business visa " - yes, I am also waiting to see what will take place with the Corona situation. Nothing can be assumed right now but our meeting have not been canceled so far.

I also don't take flying to the UK lightly. 100% of the times I have flown into the UK, they took me aside for questioning. One time they took me aside for 3 hours and 2 years ago the lady questioned me for 30 minutes.

Do cover me in prayer about this. I will need to buy an air-ticket, pay the visa and my stay of 3 weeks whilst the Rand is still R19 for 1 pound. Its not a joke :-(

Above: We are nearly 60 people, half staff and half of students from all over the world.

Picture right: I was a driver for most of the time and it was so much fun to get to know these 4 amazing leaders in YWAM. Douglas on the far left was a student with me during our masters and it is great to have him and some other friends also joining this season.


Near the end of our time we went on a 3 day retreat, on which one of the days were silent from the start of the morning until 4pm when we gathered to share. God met me in quite a unique way and I feel so deeply assured that I am not only in the right place with the right group but that I should

"STAY in the current current"

meaning the UofN Centre for Christian Formation with YWAM under which this Masters track is run.

I sense He is strongly urging me to become more part of this community in my heart although I am living in Kempton Park. Then He quoted Hebrews to me in my head during our day in silence and as I turned the pages of my Bible to read what I was hearing in my head, 8:27 stood out: ...once more will I shake you Sarah (in a good way). "The words once more indicate the removing of what can be shaken so that what cannot be shaken may remain"

God is never done with us, is He?

& He is not done with discipling the nations through us.

Deep in my heart I felt His love and concern for me and others. I sensed how He is still growing and maturing me in so many areas. I can feel how He is upping the challenge, the call this time. To read the books again, to sit under the teachings, to fellowship with staff and student alike around tables of food, tables of discussion and prayer is really amazing.

and I say... yes Lord.


Above left: I had the opportunity to play "IN THE GAP" - the intercession game that teaches small groups how to pray and intercede for someone else and un-reached people groups before giving the game to one of the YWAM families in Muizenberg that runs intercession schools.

A strange 'thing' happened while we played. The person next to me threw the dice and it was 3+4=7. She threw it again and it was 5+2=7. She threw it again and it was 6+1=7. When her round was done, I was next. I threw 3+4=7... WHAT?? I threw again and for the 5th time in a row it was a 7.

We stopped. Someone around the table said: "I think God might be trying to say something to us! What is nr 7 for on the board game?" It was "pray for a missionary you or your church support" We took a moment and stopped the game, asking God - WHO it is we are suppose to pray for. Needless to say - we had a wonderful time interceding for the two names that came up.

Top right: Our house having a nice meal.

Bottom left: I created the small booklet with the nearly 60 individuals, names, pictures and info so that we could study it before we came together. It was fun putting this together.

Bottom right: Finally... the French DTS book DONE and uploaded to

PRAY that the Russian, Hindi & Arabic connections of mine will find translators for these languages.


Back in Stilbaai - My mom use to be a swimming instructor and she is teaching Alexander and Janco how to swim. I will be in Stilbaai for the next 2 weeks because JOSHUA is about to be born!!

I will drive back to Kempton Park beginning April. I missed out on the first two babies... I am not missing out again!

Fortunately I am staying with FC and Corine and they have fast internet - I am currently working from here until I depart!


Ministering in Stilbaai: sandboxbible with 2 different men bible study groups.

During the application time, I usually ask each person to place themselves somewhere in the story by putting a little figure or a rock in the sandbox.

How do you put 60 people in this box?

I used matches with the Masters group.


Thanks & Prayer

THANKS as always for your monthly prayer & sponsorship!

My back: It went bonkers again for 3 days while I was with the Cohort. I walked like an old woman for a few days. My health otherwise is good.

UK - Clarity about traveling and finance for the air-ticket with Qatar. They quoted me R9,798. Once I apply - favour with the business visa. It will not be a tourist visa. It is tricky. Please do pray!

Translation: Pray for open doors for Russian, Hindi & Arabic DTS workbooks (Discipleship Training)

Road: Safe travels back to Kempton Park - it takes me two days to get home!

In Him,

Sarah Beriyth

PS - if you know of someone that has finished their BA degree with the UofN - I am collecting short testimonies from around the world - if they are willing, please have them contact me at :-)

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