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UK Cancelled. Babel causing a new wave!

Three days ago I asked for prayer in regards to the UK gathering in May. Finally we heard that this is cancelled too. I am very sad about the cancellation of this gathering but we will come together in October in SA. I am relieved on the financial side of things cause raising funds for this seemed like a mountain.

YWAM bases are canceling many meetings, losing international students etc... It is super sad to hear about some things that is going on due to the virus.


Is this virus strangely placing ywam in "fast-forward" mode... I think we might see this sad situation through different eyes in two years.

I wonder, through the chaos of our world's complex system and the unpredictability of what is happening, if God is not going to use it for our good, using the scattering from our existing ways of doing, to call forth new leaders, new ties, new relations, new circles, that somehow through old momentum of the years struggled to take on.

I my mind, I observe the "not expected" end of momentum of the previous season into the building of the new seasonal momentum. For two months, since the crazy outbreak in China, I strangely have had the scattering of Babel found in the book of Genesis on my mind.

(No, I do NOT believe God created the virus!)

yet... sometimes new things can only come when old momentum is (painfully) lost.

Through the sadness of it all,

a new "coming together"

among our own in our nations

might become the platform

for a renewed sense of prayer,

and that which will be born from this.


We might be confronted with our invisible towers!

We might be confronted with the amount of leaning towards "other nations" and "good speakers" we had. New ministries, new initiatives, new circles with new leadership will take place so that the momentum -

a new wave building

for the next season can take place

without interference

of the old momentum

A new wave in the background is rising high.

It is now taking the place of the big one crashing down.

No one blames the ocean's mighty waves for crashing down.

It is expected for the new.

The Lord's prayer has been helping me a lot this week as I kept holding our leaders up to Him as they have to channel through this storm.

ABBA Father,

Let Your Kingdom come.

Let Your will be done.

Here we are. We said YES to your call.

Now lead and guide us in this season of global scattering, in the seemingly loss of so much so that the new can come forth.


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