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Nerves at 3 AM & Fish on a mountaintop!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

It is 3AM.

I cannot sleep...

I received an invitation.

I will by flying again to Thailand and Nepal.

Nerves. Excitement. Massive financial pressure. All sorts going through my mind.

As I biked up the steep gravel road to stay fit for backpacking mountains, my eye caught a small airplane parked outside a large shed. The moment I saw it, Holy Spirit said:
"You and Rianni will be flying."

The Invitation

I was like, "what?" We are just friends. She does not fly... She is in my Bible study group... but FLYING? And... why would I be flying?

Suddenly SandBoxBible went through my mind, but I did not understand. Then, days after this encounter the invitation came from Create International and the EMDC - Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation. I could not believe it :-)


I will be going to the Create Int Meetings in Chiang Mai where I lived for 8 years and afterwards Rianni will fly in for the EMDC Missions Consultation - also in Chiang Mai for SandBoxBible taking place right after the Create Meeting.

We will be flying in Sandboxbibles for the Buddhist and Muslim world, connecting with hundreds of missionaries and agencies from all over. This means I will see PENNY, Calvin and Carol,! and many of my old YWAM friends I have served with for years. I cannot wait.


I have always wanted to go there. I have been on the border a few times. Nepal is a very, very closed nation.

One of my chief joys in missions was the year I heard that the coloring book I had my students make for India, even reached Nepal.

Then I had a missionary fly in the SandBoxBible to Kathmandu, and now Rianni and I will be taking more to the Ywam base for them to use in villages in the mountains.

I contacted my travel agent. Our main ticket will be from Cape Town to Bangkok. From there it will be smaller flights but this is the BIG one. My travel agent and I were both surprised at the amazing price we could get right now. She said it will soon go up and advised us to pay as soon as possible.


I have not asked for funds like this in many years - but here we go: It will be impossible to "safe" for this. Will you please pray about giving towards these tickets? Or perhaps give part of your tithe monthly until we fly (add me as a beneficiary for this season). Bank details for this trip

THAILAND from SA - It is R24,709 (Pounds1,206) ($1,367)

This excludes all housing, food, two visas, and travel insurance. The trip will most likely end up being $/pound 2000 (R38 000).

If you are a friend of Rianni reading this and feel led to help her with this trip, please email her for her bank details: - This is a new faith journey for her, so let's see how she too experiences the Lord's amazing care in this regard.



What a joy it was to see so many colleges from all over Africa, including Madagascar. I have not seen my old Bible teacher of 1998 for years (Fafa in picture below). When it was break time I took my small travel bicycle and drove to the massive and gorgeous Worchester Mountains. It was stunning.

Our Frontier Missions could also gather and meet (Pic of the circle). What stood out for me about all of us gathering like this was the Presence of the Lord when we were in worship. It was so tangible. So deeply refreshing!

Quite a few weeks before the meetings I had two dreams - two exact same dreams about YWAM and YWAM'ers. When the invitation came for this gathering, I knew the Lord prepared my heart for it. Good to be a YWAM'er eventhough my season in missions is working from Stilbaai at present.




The picture at the pond:

959m above sea level I took this photo... with frog life and extremely small fish and other black tiny critters... how this can exist this high on top of the mountain where rocks carved holes to rain's delight, is a mystery.




SA BREEDT SAVINGS 907 558 0094

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