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Thailand Nepal here we come... and China-Tibet?

Dear Friends,

It's about time for Rianni and me to fly to Thailand and Nepal.

Yesterday I bought car-sick pills for Nepal, knowing the Himalayas from previous India outreaches! My stomach is already turning knowing we are going quite remote into the mountains to visit an unreached people group.

Our contacts both in Kathmandu and far away in Chitwan are both super excited. In hindsight we are sorry that we did not book a few more days for Nepal - we had no idea that we would be welcomed and "wanted" to this extent.

Most of our luggage will be heavy wooden boxes. Some say Bible on it and some say 'Story' I am sure we will be fine at going through Customs.

SandBoxBible works!

One reason we are 'wanted' is because we are finally receiving ongoing feedback from the places where the wooden bibles have gone and that it is working.

Photos: Box in Thailand is currently being used by an outreach team. Rianni and I with the disabled.



EvangelizationMinistering to the disabled in Melkhoutfontein:

Wonderful Feedback:

Girl changing

Liewe Sarah & Rianni, (Dear Sarah & Rianni)

Hier is vir jou n wonderlike getuienis: (here is a great testimony). Een van ons lede - die meisie in die rolstoel. (about the girl in the wheel chair). Sy het van die dag af dat julle by ons was, (since the day you were with us) heeltemal anders as voorheen begin reageer (she started responding in a completely new way). Sy lag en “praat” (nie in n taal wat ons verstaan nie) !! (She laughs and talk in a language we dont understand!!) Ek kon my ore nie glo nie, (I could not believe my ears) want sy het nooit vantevore so gereageer nie en wou eers seker maak of dit weer gaan gebeur! (because she has never done this and I wanted to make sure it was for real) Vandag het Michelle my laat weet dat sy “praat” en lag!! (Today MIchelle told me that she is "talking" and laughing.) Ek dink regtig dat sy werklik verstaan het waaroor dit gaan! (I really believe that she understands what it all was about!)


Going to TIBET in October with SAAWE?

SandBoxBible has been invited to go to TIBET by the

'South-African Action for World Evangelization org.

I am bringing this invitation before the Lord to ask if I should say yes or no. Shall I go and if yes, (12-30 October) it will most likely be quite an expensive trip. If it is from the Lord, I will once again see a massive miracle.

Known as the Rooftop of the World, this high altitude land with its Himalayan mountains, is a land with a tragic past, painful present, and without Christ.

Tibet is one of the unreached people groups of the world that has not been

exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Last Stronghold?: In the summer of 1886 William E. Blackstone challenged

his audience: “God seems to be holding back that little place of Tibet to be the

last field entered before his coming”.

You can see from the stats below on that there are 0,00% Christians.


The Unseen Realm

Documentary film with Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Many of us have questions about the spiritual realm - I found a video that I really appreciated. Have a look. It was good.



Thanks for your sponsorship as always! Life has really gotten so expensive over the last two years and Stilbaai... is and expensive town to live in. I really appreciate that you 'keep me in the field' in this way. Together we ARE reaching the unreached.


Sarah Anna-Lise


ABSA Savings 907 558 0094

FNB Savings 6261 46 15 245

Pray for us

Safe travels

Enough provision

Protection over boxes at the border

Protection as we will drive far in the mountains

Protection as we share the Gospel

Hindu and Buddhist strongholds are not easy to deal with - cover us.

Also, pray with us to see a door open for us financially to say yes to TIBET please.

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